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Race Equality Story

Mariam – Race Equality Story

Mariam is a single mother of four. Three years ago, her husband left her for another woman. Since being separated, he had refused to pay child support, leaving Mariam to care for her children on her own.

After learning about EfG’s legal services, Mariam reached out for guidance regarding her situation. She was provided with knowledge on matrimonial laws and her rights, support and access to a pro-bono lawyer. Her case went to court; ruling in her favor her ex-husband is now obligated to provide financial support. The family property and farmland was also successfully allocated to her children.

Following this success, Mariam gained confidence and her burden of care was lifted allowing her the opportunity to join a VICOBA group where she served as a leader and works to spread the knowledge she gained from EfG to fellow market traders.

Mariam also contested for a market leadership position and played a prominent role in drafting a new gender-inclusive market constitution.

Fatna – Race Equality Story

Fatna has been a member of VICOBA for the past 5 years. When she first joined the group, she was a fishseller in Buguruni Market. With access to a low interest loan, Fatna was able to successfully grow her business by increasing her supply, which raised her sales.

With the extra capital she accessed a large loan, which she used to buy land, startbuilding a house and invest in diversifying her business ventures.

She has purchased four motorcycles and hired drivers to offer boda boda public transport services, which allows for reliable profits coming in daily.

The widowed mother uses these earnings to support her daughter and grandchild and the success of her business venture has allowed her to save up enough to finish building them a home, purchase a second plot of land and purchase her own vehicle.

Due to the benefits of accessibility form VICOBA, Fatna has secured shares that now have a value of over 9 Million TSH (>$41,080US).

She has also become a leader of VICOBA and oversees 12 different groups across the city, providing support and training to female traders. The inspirational women also contested for leadership in Bugurni and is now a member of the Board of Cooperative Societies, representing women market traders’ interests.

Asha – Race Equality Story

Asha is a widowed mother of four. During her marriage, she managed to obtain a number of properties in Dar es Salaam, including a land plot. After her husband’s death, his relatives denied her the right to inherit the property, arguing she had no claim.

Asha received human rights education from EfG and learned that traditional marriages such as hers are legally recognized and that her children had the right to inherit their late father’s property.

Because of this knowledge, she started to claim her rights and those of her children to inherit the property.

“I went to my late husband’s village and met with his relatives. I read to them the booklet on the law of marriage and inheritance in Tanzania that I obtained from EfG.”

Asha was successful in retrieving back her land and a plot certificate is being processed.

“The education on marriage and inheritance that I obtained from EfG has helped me to get back my land that was lost for seven (7) years.”