Mariam – Race Equality Story

Mariam is a single mother of four. Three years ago, her husband left her for another woman. Since being separated, he had refused to pay child support, leaving Mariam to care for her children on her own.

After learning about EfG’s legal services, Mariam reached out for guidance regarding her situation. She was provided with knowledge on matrimonial laws and her rights, support and access to a pro-bono lawyer. Her case went to court; ruling in her favor her ex-husband is now obligated to provide financial support. The family property and farmland was also successfully allocated to her children.

Following this success, Mariam gained confidence and her burden of care was lifted allowing her the opportunity to join a VICOBA group where she served as a leader and works to spread the knowledge she gained from EfG to fellow market traders.

Mariam also contested for a market leadership position and played a prominent role in drafting a new gender-inclusive market constitution.

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